Build connection with your remote team, easily and effectively

Remi helps remote and distributed teams stay close and connected, through powerful rituals. 

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Developed with remote experts at

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Your platform to build a healthy & positive remote culture

  • Plan & Facilitate Social moments

    Remi helps you plan, organize and facilitate the non-professional moments with your team.   

  • Tailored to your team needs

    Every team is different. Remi recommends and curates social activities that match your team's needs.

  • Learn & optimize

    Remi learns from your team's interactions over time, so you can optimize for success.

Investing in Culture pays off

Connected employees scale up your business.

  • 56% higher productivitiy

    Harvard Business Review, 2019

  • 21% higher profitability

    Gallup, 2019

  • 50% less turnover risk

    Harvard Business Review, 2019

What Remote Teams say about us

  • "Remi gives us a place of togetherness, especially if we don't see each other. It creates a small virtual space for us to share and be together."

    Elisabeth Beier, Content Manager
  • "Remi has been helpful for me as I've started remotely without meeting any of my team mates in person. Having the fun, non work-related pieces of info always gives a starting point to some interesting conversation that helps the team spirit & morale."

    Basil Mustafa, Senior Android Engineer
  • "Remi is a lot of fun and I really enjoy getting some insights into my colleagues lives!"

    Victor Tettenborn, Expansion Manager

Use rituals to build connection

  • Rituals Build meaningful habits

    Culture is built like a muscle - over time and with care. That's why we use rituals: to help your team build meaningful team habits that last. 

  • Developed with remote experts

    Each ritual contains a team activity. Our activities library is curated by our panel of remote experts and organizational psychologists. We help you to choose the right rituals for your team.

  • Rituals create new
  • Activities

Plan, interact, and gather feedback

  • Team activity feed
  • Time for your ritual
  • Plan your rituals

    Once you've set up your preferred rituals, you don't need to stress about planning and organizing anymore.

    Schedule rituals, schedule reminders, connect with your calendar and Slack.

  • Connect in the teamspace

    Use the team activity feed to connect and engage with your colleagues. Share an update, comment on your colleague's input asynchronously or discuss together in meetings. 

Build a strong remote team through insights & recommendations

  • Powerful engagement insights

    Remi uses engagement and activity data to understand your team better over time.  

  • Actionable recommendations

    You can use these insights to understand what's going on, optimize your team interactions, and create a stronger team over time. 

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Why you should try Remi

  • Integrated into your workflows

    We're intuitively integrated into your favorite collaboration tools. Starting with Slack, we continuously update integrations based on your needs.

  • Built by Culture & Remote experts

    Our expert panel of remote work facilitators and organizational psychologists curates the best activities, so you don't have to. 

  • Here to create positive change

    We're not another top down monitoring tool. We're here to help remote teams create better behaviors that change their work lives for the better.

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