Goodbye Remi, hello Range! πŸ‘‹


Big news: Remi has been acquired by Range and is ceasing operations on August 31st 2022. We're super excited that through Range, we can continue to help you build culture remotely.Β 

Like Remi, Range helps teams build trust and connection in just a few minutes each day, no matter where you're working. As a Remi user, you're getting 3 months free on Range.

Build connection with your remote team, easily and effectively

Remi helps remote teams co-create their culture using asynchronous team building rituals and bonding experiences.

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Why you should try Remi


    Remi is your virtual team hub. Run team building rituals, connect based on shared interests and start conversations in the team space.

  • Asynchronous first

    Zoom fatigued? With Remi, everyone can participate on their own time while still creating shared team experiences.  

  • Slack logo

    We're working with your existing tool stack. Starting with Slack we'll be integrating more and more tools over time.

Investing in Culture pays off

Connected employees scale up your business.

Virtual team building made easy

Remi acts like your additional team member that helps your team connect and co-create culture.

Use rituals to build connection

Culture is built like a muscle: over time, with care and intention. Rituals will help your team develop and maintain meaningful connections that last.

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We curate team rituals, so you don't have to

Explore and set up daily and weekly asynchronous team rituals, curated by our panel of leading remote experts and organisational psychologists or create own rituals based on your needs.

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Bring your team and culture together in one place

Bond, get to know each other, spark conversations and keep up to date with your colleagues.

Make everyone feel part of the team

Remi helps create a sense of belonging and feeling of "us" by restoring shared context for everyone. Offer your team their own space to connect so that they can co-create your team's culture.

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Spark conversations

Use the team activity feed to interact with your colleagues, share an update or comment on their input asynchronously. One of our most loved features!

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What remote teams say about us

  • "Remi gives us a place of togetherness. It creates a small virtual space for us to share and be together."

    Elisabeth Beier, Content Manager
  • "Remi is super helpful for our fully remote team. I love the rituals and the chance to connect with the team on non-work related topics."

    Giannis Vamvoulidis, HR Expansion Lead
  • "Remi has become part of our essential everyday remote routine. It feels good to participate, like you're doing something good for yourself and for the team."

    Alina Ludwig, Managing Director
  • β€œRemi strengthens the feeling of "us" and sense of belonging in our team. We especially enjoy starting the day with Remi's mood check which helps us understand how everyone is doing.”

    Julie Wiemann, Head of Marketing
  • "Remi gets the emotional stuff out! We are a rational and introverted team, so it helps us proactively share with each other."

    Thorsten Kremser, Digital Director
  • β€œRemi is a powerful door opener for conversations.”

    Madeleine Heuts, Co-Founder

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