We make remote work more human and connected.

We started Remi because we were working remotely ourselves, and realized that culture is an unsolved problem. It's also the key reason many companies don't agree to a remote setup, even if their employees demand it. 

Well, we don't want to accept this: Remote teams should feel confident about building culture remotely. That's why we founded Remi.

Meet the Founders 👋

  •  dsc5884 (1)
    Rebecca Görres

    Product, Engineering and Data

    Organizational Psychologist by heart. Former LSE Organizational Psychology & Behavior Lab. 8+ years experience building UX.

    Personality type: INFJ

    Talk to me about: no code, building human first products, books, cooking, traveling.

  •  dsc1584
    Valerie Krämer

    Acquisition, People and Finance

    Former Chief Revenue Officer at Opinary and Twitter alum. 10+ years experience in B2B marketing, PR and sales.

    Personality type: ESTJ

    Talk to me about: diversity in tech, startups, hiking, swimming, traveling.

We're here to push the boundaries of how culture is built, lived and practiced in the new era of remote and hybrid work.

Our Values and Principles

Learn more about the culture we aim to install at Remi.

  • Human First

    Everything we do is with the human in mind - whether that's our product, or our people. It's the essence of who we are.

  • Endless Curiosity

    We are humble enough to know that we have lots to learn. We approach everything we do with playful curiosity and a strong motivation to grow.

  • Intentional culture co-Creation

    At the core of our philosophy is that culture needs to be built proactively and with intention. We commit to actively co-create Remi's culture, together.

  • MVP Mindset

    We are driven by data, not opinions. We choose a hands-on approach and strongly favor testing over theory.

  • Own it and drive it

    Every project has a clear owner, but more imporantly, a driver. Drivers are the ones moving the needle.

  • Focus on Impact

    Our decisions are driven by what provides measurable impact. We have clear definitions of success and know how to measure it. 

  • Brave Innovation

    We don't do things by the norm. We are brave enough to try new things and take the less explored path, even if it's uncomfortable.

  • Proactive Diversity

    Different backgrounds bring richer perspectives. We proactively seek out experiences and opinions that are different from our own. 

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