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Choose from our collection of asynchronous daily and weekly team building rituals to build culture easily and sustainably. Set them up, lean back and we take care of the rest.

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Mood Check: Get a feeling for how everyone is doing

Is it hard for you to read the room when working remotely? Doing regular check-ins with your team helps get a sense of each other’s mood and circumstances. Practice empathy, build trust and reflect on your day individually and as a group. 

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"Share your world" through a picture

Who are my colleagues outside of work? Get to know each other better by giving them a blink into your "world" and learn more about theirs. We offer lightweight guidance through weekly changing themes.

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Thank You Box: Recognise great work

It's easy to not feel seen or valued when working remotely. It's not just about big shoutouts and celebrations, it's about appreciating the little things in the day to day. We help you get into the habit of proactively sharing positive vibes with each other.

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Team Questions: Get to know each other better

Awkward silence in the beginning of meetings? Bring the fun and informal conversations back to work. Team members get prompted with a different question every week curated by the Remi team.

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Create your own ritual

You already have specific team rituals in place? Simply set them up in our ritual creation mask. You are able to customise rituals on all levels: name, number of participants, start time, cadence, notifications and more.

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What remote teams say about us

  • "Remi has become part of our essential everyday remote routine. It feels good to participate, like you're doing something good for yourself and for the team."

    Alina Ludwig, Managing Director
  • "Remi is super helpful for our fully remote team. I love the rituals and the chance to connect with the team on non-work related topics."

    Giannis Vamvoulidis, HR Expansion Lead

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